#007: Let’s Talk About Flutter

Last year, I was lucky to get myself attached to a Flutter project. It wasn’t a big app but big enough for me to learn a lot of things very quickly. Here is a post on codota.com I wrote that delves into an outline of the core idea that governs Flutter’s entire system.

Making Sense of Flutter’s Widget System

Naturally, midway through projects, Windows will always want you to update. While the aim is to fix things, it usually breaks more things than it needs to. For developers, it means wiped environment variables, along with a few other things. To help my fellow developers new to the environment debugging game out, I decided to document the errors I faced and how I fixed them.

Common Flutter Not Working Issues

This Week’s Side Pieces

I’ve been exploring different personal financial models in the past few weeks. Here’s a reflection piece and an analysis piece.

Good Old Throwbacks

Here are some good old throwbacks from 2019. The stories told in these pieces are still highly relevant today, especially the code horror one.

This Week’s Book Corner

Ever since I started sharing what I’m reading, I’ve consumed more books than I had in the past 5 years. Can’t Hurt Me hooked me from the get-go. It isn’t your usual self-improvement/self-help/self-development kind of book. It’s a narrative of one man’s life — his struggles, his failures, and his life learnings — written by the man himself. It is also the fastest book I’ve finished in years.

[Check it out on Amazon]

Cool Code Finds

This week’s cool code finds is an ad-hoc of frontend technologies and trends analysis.

Final Thoughts

January is barrelling along and as I play catch up with work things (to keep the story short, two weeks ago, this happened: toddler + kid’s roller coast ride = upset stomach for a week), I’m also finding small pockets of time to recalibrate my career choices and life journey.

Big things are still happening in August/September and while that may seem like the end of the year, time can easily sneak up and trickle away. All I know is that I’m at the beginning of sorting out my systems to transition into the next phase of my current journey.

But more on that later.

For now, thank you for dropping by. Over and out.

 — Aphinya



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