#005: Good Code, Knowledge Inflation & Your Best Decade Ever

2020 was a weird year and 2021 will probably be a little weirder with the various things happening around the world right now. On a happier note, one thing that won’t change any time soon is the industry’s need for skilled developers and programmers who can think and synthesize creatively.

This week’s edition includes exploring the idea of what ‘good code’ looks like, dealing with knowledge inflation as a developer, and a side piece on how to make 2020–2030 your best decade ever. 2020 was only the first year. You’ve still got a good solid 9 years to transform, grow, and flourish into the reality you want.

Without further ado, here are the links.

What Does ‘Good Code’ Look Like And How To Achieve It

How To Deal With Knowledge Inflation As A Developer

How NOT To Waste Your Life This Decade

While working on a Flutter app project, Microsoft finally won and did its Window’s update that I managed to defer until recently. As a result, Android Studio stopped working. At first, I was annoyed but upon digging into the errors, it turns out that I’ve fixed them before. This time, rather than just fixing it and leaving things at that, I decided to document the errors and how I fixed them. It might help others from trawling through Google trying to find the right answer.

Common Flutter Not Working Issues And Fixes

Good Old Throwback Pieces You May Have Missed

Demystifying the Mysteries of sort() in JavaScript

The basics of regular expressions — explained simply

Other Side Pieces

Treat life like poker to make better decisions

How To Reconfigure Your Perspective Of Time

What I’m Reading — Atomic Habits

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This book is possibly one of the most recommended books I’ve encountered. On a whim, right before Christmas, I decided to put my order through online and gave it a shot. To be completely honest, the book has been strangely insightful. While there are so many reviews and summaries that already do an excellent job of capturing Clear’s thoughts, the book still gives you additional perspectives on how to restructure your life in a way that brings out the most of what you want.

[Check it out on Amazon]

Cool Code Finds

Just some random bits and pieces that I found on the Internet over the past week.

Final Words

It’s barely a week into 2021 and for me, a family thing has already come up. This means that whatever grand plans I had in 2020 will need to pivot with it. Don’t worry, I’ll still be writing, coding, and creating — just at a different pace. The impact of this thing will reveal itself in good time.

But for now, over and out.

— Aphinya



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