#001: Weekly Round Up

Hello everyone!

Way back in January, I started the year with great and grand plans. However, like most people, I also fell off the bandwagon. I semi-disappeared online and posted code related things here and there when I could.  I’ve been doing the remote gig/work from home thing since 2018. So, in theory, when everything went into lockdown, I should have been prepared.

But I wasn’t. What I wasn’t prepared for was having a toddler at home full time. Alas, now that things have settled into place again with new routines and life without the help of daycare.

In addition to the content I already post on here, what a lot of people don’t realize is that I also publish in other places as well. I hope to grow this series to be inclusive of other content that’s not mine as well.

Without further ado, here are this week’s writings and finds.

Recently Published

Angular and Firebase Authentication Integration

The world is moving fast and developers need ways to deliver faster. This is where Firebase comes in — offering a tableless database storage system that comes complete with API interfaces that developers can use and reduce the need for an intermediary layer. 

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How I Build: Using Storybook and Angular to make UI components in isolation

As front-end developers, we’ve all experienced it in some form – the unwieldy task of keeping your coded visual assets in check. It’s not too bad when you’ve just got a handful of elements. But when you’ve reached more than a dozen CSS rules, cascaded and single tree vertical inheritance, a wrong sequence or misplaced rule can lead to a visual disaster. 

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Beyond 2020: Are Non-Conventional Service Delivery Models Going to Take Over?

In the last decade, the world has transformed beyond our recognition. If we look back at the world 10 years ago, the idea of paper thin devices becoming mainstream was only a prototyped dream. As we now move into the future rapidly, conventional service delivery models may only be slowing us down. But what are conventional service delivery models? And how and why are they slowing companies down? 

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Good Old Throwback Pieces You May Have Missed

Object-Oriented Programming vs Functional Programming: Is OOP Dead?

Object-oriented programming (OOP) is something that’s been around for so long that everyone has kind of accepted its existence. However, there is a growing anti-sentiment among certain programming groups against OOP, citing organizational inefficiencies and potential growth of code debt. 

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Remote Developer Office Essentials: the things that still matter

Working remotely is not a new concept. Digital nomads managed to have it all figured out for at least half a decade now. The ability to work remotely has been offered by many companies, even before the world was suddenly forced indoors, regardless of geographical location or timezone.

So how do you set up your workspace as a remote developer? 

Here are a few things to help you get started. 

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What exactly are first-class functions?

In programming, a first-class function is when a function is treated as a variable. This is special because it means that a function can be passed into another function as an argument.

Not all languages support a first-class function idea, and these are usually natively imperative languages like C. Java and C++ also didn’t use to support first-class based ideas. 

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Other Side Pieces

Not code related but may come in useful. I’m a cross-sectional kind of developer. The more random knowledge I have, the better I am at creating code. Here are my latest findings/revelations/musings/thoughts.

The Road To Freedom May Not Be Through Investing Or Saving

Growing up in a lower middle-classed Asian family, my mother only saw 3 valid career possibilities — doctor, lawyer, or teacher. Be any of these and you’re guaranteed to live happily ever after. Much to the great disappointment of everyone, I became none of these things. 

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8 ‘Secrets’ To Getting Rich Revealed

For my amusement, I sat in on one of those internet ‘free seminars’ that promised to make me oodles of money by doing very little. We’re talking big, 7-figures in a month kind of deal for just a few clicks of a button.

It wasn’t the images of Ferraris and mansions that enticed me. Nor was it salesman like guys in their mid-twenties throwing around banknotes like monopoly money.  I sat in because I was curious. 

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Treat life like poker to make better decisions

When I was a kid, I was told that life is like a game of chess. You have to learn the rules and make the right steps. One wrong move and it can mess up your entire life.

So that’s what I did for a good quarter of my life. Looking back, it was mostly out of fear of failure. 

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Cool Code Finds

These pieces aren’t mine. I stumbled on them during my procrastination hours.

Send SMS Text Messages In NativeScript With Angular
MEAN vs. MERN vs. MEVN Stacks ? What’s the difference ?
4 Must-Know TypeScript Tips & Tricks


Final Thoughts

And that’s it for this week. My aim is to deliver these weekly round-ups to you every Wednesday. I’ve learned quite a bit about myself, parenthood, the juggling act required to make it work with work, life goals, and side projects like this one. So far, it’s been a process.

If you’re a regular, thank you for following along.

For now, over and out.

— Aphinya



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