Let’s begin with the vision.

I want Dotted Squirrel to be:

a space where I can make an impact, grow my personal coding journey and help others

And hence why we have the current tagline — becoming better developers together.

I initially started writing on Medium as part of my Depth Year — and in a way, to give back to the community that helped me grow up as a developer.

However, over the last few months, I’ve been wanting more. 

Because when it comes to learning how to code and keeping updated with everything — it can be quite a task. 

Sharing is caring, so remember to give in return for every time you take. 

Affiliate & Advertising Disclosure

Dotted Squirrel may contain affiliate links and some advertising to help fund the running of this site and Aphinya’s other pursuits in life – such as keeping up the rent and taking the toddler to the zoo, among other things.

Their existence, however, will never be misaligned or overtake Dotted Squirrel’s vision. If it does, feel free to hit me up on it through a message via LinkedIn.

Affiliate and advertising is the current model that Dotted Squirrel is using to fund its continued existence, maintenance, and my personal sense of financial sanity.

About Aphinya

It’s weird to write about myself in the third person – or to write anything about myself at all – so I’m going to keep it chill. 

My name is Aphinya Dechalert. No. I’m not French, even though my name looks deceptively like one. Ignore the ‘h’ if you want to say it properly and pronounce the ‘t’ at the end.

If you want to connect, keep up with my writing, projects, and antics, you can do so via LinkedIn.

I’m also on Twitter, if you’re more inclined that way.

2020 is my Prototype Year – the year where I turn wants and dreams into reality via prototypes and proof of concepts. There’s an entire bucket list of them here.

And that’s it for now.

Onwards. Upwards. And beyond.

– Aphinya